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NAG is a registered charity No. 1028658

NAG is funded by Norwich City Council

Mark Smith from Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind negotiating some of the plethora of 'A' Boards in the city centre.

Welcome to the Norwich Access Group’s web site.

In 2018 we are continuing to alternate our meetings between lunchtime and evenings so as to be more accessible to those who can’t make one or the other.

The next meeting is on -

Tuesday 18th September 2018

12.15-3pm AGM + monthly meeting at the Silver Road Community Centre

Making Norwich Accessible to All

Let us know if you see a kerb that needs dropping!


Existing DLA (Disability Living Allowance) recipients are being reassessed for PIP (Personal Independence Payments). When the letter about this comes through your door you must respond to it. If you just ignore the letter you will probably lose your benefit!

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